How to Shoot Yourself In the Foot

WARNING: This article was written 15 years ago, it may contain informations that are no longer valid.

Forse è un po’ old, pero’ fa rotolare dal ridere:

You shoot yourself in the foot.

You accidentally create a dozen instances of yourself and shoot them all in the foot. Providing emergency medical care is impossible since you can’t tell which are bitwise copies and which are just pointing at others and saying, “That’s me over there.”

Basic (interpreted)
You shoot yourself in the foot with a water pistol until your foot is waterlogged and rots off.

Basic (compiled)
You shoot yourself in the foot with a BB using a SCUD missile launcher.

Visual Basic
You’ll really only appear to have shot yourself in the foot, but you’ll have had so much fun doing it that you won’t care.

You try to shoot yourself in the foot, only to discover you must first invent the gun, the bullet, the trigger, and your foot.

The gun fires just fine, but your foot can’t figure out what the bullets are and ignores them.

sh,csh, etc
You can’t remember the syntax for anything, so you spend five hours reading manual pages, then your foot falls asleep. You shoot the computer and switch to C.

We’ll let you shoot yourself, but it’ll cost you a bundle.

Object “Foot” will be included in the next release. You can upgrade for $500.

Windows 95

Windows 3.1
Double click the gun icon and wait. Eventually a window opens giving a selection for guns, target areas, plus balloon help with medical remedies, and assorted sound effects. Click “shoot” button and a small box appears with note “Unable to open Shoot.dll, check that path is correct.”

Windows 95 (2)
Your gun is not compatible with this OS and you must buy an upgrade and install it before you can continue. Then you will be informed that you don’t have enough memory.

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