What is it?

dynFlare is a dynamic ip client for CloudFlare.


How to use it?

1) Edit dynflare.ini with your information:

timezone is used to display date, and should be chosen looking at this website: http://www.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php (example: Europe/Dublin)

frequency is the time to wait before dynFlare tests for a ip address change. minimum 60 seconds.

email and api_key are on the CloudFlare website under “Account” section.

domain is the domain you need to manage, example “frab.eu”

2) Run “dynflare list” from a Command prompt and you will obtain the list of dns records for your domain in a table like this:

Id        Type    Name                       Content
--------  ------  -------------------------  -------------------------
59443338       A  frab.eu          
59531034       A  ftp.frab.eu      
59423494       A  mx.frab.eu       
59473491       A  mx.frab.eu       
59520194       A  mx.frab.eu       
59520230       A  mx.frab.eu       

Now write the zone id you want to update in the dynflare.ini file, in records entry. You can also update multiple records writing them separated by a comma.

3) Run “dynflare run” from a Command prompt and see if it works, maybe reconnecting to the internet and testing in CloudFlare website if the ip really changes.

4) If it all works, you can run service-install.cmd to install as a service. Please note the service will use the current directory so don’t move the directory once the service is installed (or remove then install again!)

Sadly it’s a quick work and I am not providing a log file to monitor the events, maybe in the future I will.

If something go wrong, write in the comment box below or email me (About -> Email)

If this software helped you, please consider a donation!
This way I will be motivated to create additional software and keep the current ones up to date.
Thank you! ;-)



dynFlare runs on all modern version of Windows 32/64 bit and needs the .NET Framework 4.0 because I love to code in PHP even when it’s not a website ;)

dynflare.zip - 911.69 kb

[license lang=en]

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