Hard disk spin down on OMV5 / ODROID-HC2

Another quick update on my ODROID-HC2 / OMV setup. This time it’s only interesting the same specific hardware and may not apply on other boards.

I was unable to set the hard disk idle spindown time with hdparm or the OMV Gui.

After some readings, it turns out that the spindown is directly controller by onboard the USB to SATA bridge.

To set it up you must re-flash the USB to SATA firmware. In my case, I disabled the spindown time with -t 0

root@odroidxu4:~# wget https://wiki.odroid.com/_media/odroid-xu4/software/jms578fwupdater.tgz
root@odroidxu4:~# tar xzf jms578fwupdater.tgz 
root@odroidxu4:~# cd JMS578FwUpdater/
root@odroidxu4:~/JMS578FwUpdater# ./JMS578FwUpdate -s /dev/sda -f ./JMS578-Hardkenel-Release-v173.01.00.02-20190306.bin -b ./backup.bin -t 0
Update Firmware file name: ./JMS578-Hardkenel-Release-v173.01.00.02-20190306.bin
Backup Firmware file name: ./backup.bin
Auto spin-down timer: 0 min.
Backup the ROM code sucessfully.
Programming & Compare Success!!

root@odroidxu4:~# reboot

For reference, here is the Hardkernel page about the firmware.


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